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Babies and toddlers are a joy to behold, but those happy gurgles, first words and tentative stumbles come at price (nappies, car seats, carry cots, prams and toys, to name but a few) so it makes sense to shop online for bargains. Kiddies Kingdom offers savings of up to 40% on some items and they do sell virtually everything you’ll need, apart from an instant cure for sleepless nights.

Their price-match guarantee means that you’re assured a good deal – just as well given the amount of stuff you’re likely to need when a little one comes along. Free next-day delivery is standard, which is perfect if you really, really need that pacifier.

Delivery at Kiddies Kingdom

Orders are sent by next-day delivery as standard. 97% of items in stock are received the next working day. Orders over £50 are delivered free of charge; orders under £50 costs £5.95 to deliver. An email will be sent to you on dispatch.

Gifts at Kiddies Kingdom

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